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Good Riddance You German Bastards!

02/03/2003, isaac regelson, richmond
  A warning to the Argentines

Watch out for those two Germans, Dirk and Neils, They will make a mess of your car! My car was spotless when they arrived and now it is filled with garbage - I mean all kinds - old crumpled magazines, empty drink bottles, sponge balls, excercise equipment, candy wrappers, popsicle sticks and on and on (I'm sure I'll find used rubbers as I begin to clean it [which I'll do immediatly as I can't live in this filth]).
The outside of the car is a wreck, dirty with bird shit, salt, hand prints all over the windows (they were always putting the window up and down - they could never make up their mind) and thick layer of black soot.
The car now has a dented fender, and they tried to do some stupid repairs which make it look even worse than if they had left the dent alone (the oddest thing about the dent is that I drove them everywhere, so I can't figure out how they put it there).

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Don't believe the Regelson! His car was always crappy... - 02/03/2003, copeland@copelandcasati.com
Don't believe the hype! Though brilliant and handsome, the Regelson chap is not known for his housecleaning skills. The first time he gallantly opened the passenger-side door for my stilletto-shod feet, about ten pairs of differently colored, variously stained Converse All-Stars fell out onto the curb.

As I sat nervously in my seat, my eyes furtively took in the assorted fast-food wrappers, curious sticky substances, and pairs and more pairs of (again) Converse sneakers... Ah-ha. Here, to the left, in the back seat, were the red Converse to wear with a tux; and here, to the right, were the red Converse that paired perfectly with worn jeans. And in the front seat, underneath the dash, were the special All Stars (yes, red) to be worn for special occasion dates. Me, I didn't rate "special occasion." I was only deemed a "red Converse kept in the trunk and shined up with your elbow sleeve for when your great-aunt comes to visit" occasion.

That's ok. I just enjoy any excuse to experience the Regelson ride. As Dirk and Neils may have discovered, it's always an adventure.


Isaac ? will this joke translate? - 02/03/2003, greigbridg@aol.com
I know Isaac misses Dirk and Neils. They had a blast meeting everyone. And Dirks' process was inspiring and fun and kind. I think if you read this comment in the opposite of meaning You will understand Isaac's meaning and humor. If he isn't joking...
What? are you nuts??

Oh, We Miss Them So - 02/03/2003, harry kollatz, richmond
When Amie and I returned from a weekend away we found our German houseguest gone, his room neat as a pin, and a box of chocolates and a kind note on our foyer chest. Of course, the day of their leaving, for whatever reason, Richmond enjoyed clear skies, temperatures in the 50s fahrenheit and a pleasant glimpse--we hope--of a springtime that might actually eventually return to our fair city.
Seems to me their sojourn among us was a successful one for Dirk and Niels; they rounded up some talented folks and the great adventure/experiment in performance art is well under way. I hope now we can bring some national attention to their endeavor here.
I'm sure, as this was their first time in the States, their heads are awhirl with all our USA conflictions and contradictions, and overlaid upon them, Richmond's own idiosyncratic oddities and unexpected treasures.
But, in the New York Times today was an article about the grievous economic situation in Argentina, where an estimated 60 percent of the nation's population lives in poverty.
I'm sure Dirk and Niels will encounter stark differences to approaches of work, life and politics to our rather laise faire attitudes here borne of prosperity and relative ease.


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