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27/03/2003, niels bormann, berlin
  Meeting Hannas other sister in law, my great aunt.

Today I visited Aunt Marianne. She is 81 years old, no children. She lives in the same flat for about 40 years. Her husband died in the 70ies. I like her very much, she looks a little bit like Queen Elisabeth. She has a good humor and is quite chubby. Her style is very Gucci and Christian Dior and her flat is absolutely neat. I never visited her without family, this time it was just me and her. She puts some cake for me on the plate, shakes the spray whipped cream and burries it under a huge pile of it. Then she laughs. Me, too, and I think we laugh about the same. Then the phone rings. Abruptly she stops laughing and goes into bullshitting about the person who just calls now. “Hannelore!” and then she is very sweet with her, its her best friend from youth on. “I told Elsbeth…does she have a dish cleaner?…” We talked for hours and of course I want to know what she knows about Hanna, she was married to Hannas other brother, Fritz. She knows her for very long they had holidays together. She talked about Hannas BDM time only because I asked her about it. Hanna continued being Nazi till into the fifties, then she married her second husband another Nazi. Marianne and Fritz always had unpleasant situations with them after the war when they got drunk. Marianne told me that Hanna once got wild, she freaked when her boss didn’t give her the day off she asked for when Adolf Hitler came to visit Bremen. He didn’t like Bremen, because it was red, communist. Marianne told me that she was never in the party. She was afraid of them. She worked as a secretary for a lawyer who dealt with the confiscated belongings of jews. Once she had to acompaign the owner of the big jewish warehouse Bamberg to his office to pick up personal belongings. She was embaressed to her bones she told me, she was an apprentice and that man was old and respectable. Upstairs from their office lived two old jewish sisters who knitted leather flowers, broches, you could attach to your dress, beautiful, Marianne says. But it was forbidden to her to interact with Jews, so they were not allowed to go upstairs. So she and Hannelore bought from them in the staircase. In 1942 a transporter parked in front of the house and the two old ladies were deported to Buchenwald. They were screaming and crying. Marianne was close to tears telling me this, she said she cried then. Then she showed me photos from the 70ies and 80ies and a tape she taped in 1972, when she gave Fritz a tape recorder for his birthday. They were very drunk and joking rudely. Then it stopped. It was turned on again and they were even more drunk and there were more people. Marianne was singing a German song, and there she stood, in front of her kitchen stereo pissing herself with laughter, bending and bowing.

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