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Bus Waiting

30/04/2003, annie morrad, shanghai
  So...what is this?

Now I mentioned that I have disturbed sleep, mainly because of the building site on the left, well last night it was the one just down the street on the right, as apposed to the one that is directly on my right.

You get the picture.

So, I saw three people walking backwards and two tree huggers, please remember this is Shanghai not California, on my way to the bus stop this morning. All of whom were elderly. All of which is very cool.
Now what happened next took me by surprise, not immediately you understand, but sort of a bit later, like only a second later…well I’ll tell you then you may…. …..Right, I was just standing waiting on the street bit where the bus drifts along, the bit between bikes and traffic, not on the pavement…so, in the corner of my eye I see these shapes coming towards me, all marching in unison, I turned to look directly at them as you do, then.. I see that they are army!, well normally I would freak a little, I mean this is the middle of a large (very large), o.k. fuckin large international city, not some small purpose built army town, and there’s these blokes all marching nearly in step towards me. Some thing was wrong, something was ..not quite there..ahh yes I see..their all wearing
chiefs’ hats!……..and as they get closer I see that they are not at all in step, some are panting, some are clearly in need of a good gym/diet plan and some just don’t care, this please remember, is a communist country, not Amsterdam, which is renowned for its diverse conscription plan.
And as they past me I notice to my smiling delight, that they all, to a man,.. had pinnies (aprons) on.

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