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Ojota perfume ; This is Lagos !

10/06/2003, kabat esoa egbon, lagos
  We're on the march again on a roller-coaster ride into the fourth republic,here in Nigeria . But , wait ! Listen ! Think !What has been achieved ? Have the people's expectations been met ? What are these expectations ? Food, Housing,Schools, Hospitals e.t.c. It's not so much , but, seems a herculean task for those politicians . Now , they want to rob us of one fundamental free gift we have from God; air . Very soon,we would all stop breathing.Probably thats their intention .

I have not been out of the city known to many as the most populated and busiest metropolis (or is it megapolis), in the continent, for a while . I'm talking about Lagos , if you don't mind. Like I was saying , it has been a while and didn't quite notice how things have changed .What really got me thinking about this article is the fact that despite all their 'politricking' and all sorts of promises for 'better days','glorious days' e.t.c. by these so called politicians who are supposed to be representatives of thier people , the fact still remains that , the wishes and needs of the people is still far away from them . Lets take this example. In this City known as 'the melting pot of Nigeria', one remakable thing that strikes (or, do I say 'stinks') you , as you drive into the state from the East or the sourthern axis of the country, by road...you will be amzed (that is , if you don't get nusea immediately or some sort of ailment)at the stench that pervades ands seems to hang in the air like a perfume in and around OJOTA. The entry-point into the city . Just as the city welcomes you calllously with the sign 'THIS IS LAGOS', this stench becomes a welcome aroma to the unwary or wary visitor into the state . Even for those of us who live in the same city , it becomes too much to bear . I almost fainted from trying to cover my nose with my handkerchief , m,y hand , my shirt and everything I could lay my hand on, just to 'escape' this horrible smell. The city is not any better ,as litters of dirt , heaps of stinking rubbish pollutes our very existence daily with the several loads of rubbish packed on the roads and streets, markets e.t.c But, this Ojota perfume beco mes too much for me to bear. Deep inside of me I bleed and wonder how many of our public officers and so-called politicians , ply this roads daily . Probably , because they always have their car windows wound up and the luxury of an airconditioner to go with it , they never get to smell this 'perfume'. I shake my head again as the bus that just brought me into town drive past this large incinerator (or supposedly incinerator) by the side of the road and I mutter under my breath ;'Is this Lagos ?'.

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Ojota perfume - 10/06/2003, adeogbe@yahoo.com

No mind them jare, na so dem dey do if dem don get power finish. You sef, if you dey pass that doormort of Lagos dey ready to suffocate yourself before you get there, not wen you reach there you go come dey skata body. Nonsense Poli-eaters, o sorry, I mean politicians.

Makinde Adeniran


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