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My problems with identity

13/07/2003, santiago blaum, buenos aires
  The article posted days ago by Florencia La Rosa is, i think, full enough, so instead of a comment, i´m posting a new one.

For minds that work from transitivity (a=c, b=c therefor: a=b), that is to say, most of us (except perhaps for whom? Budda?) Identity has always been a major concern, i think. And the cause for this is not of course identity itself: It is not a cuestion of digging for the roots, reaching what´s essential (“what makes us argentineans be what we are?”), the problem of identity is nothing but the need for food and shelter, the claim for certainties that took us human beings to transitivity : you smell like one of those, if you push them they will let go, french fries, french kisses, huge black cocks, steeling turkish, yankees go home, chinese supermarkets will take over the world, and whatever you want. I am many times seduced to play these games myself: what´s distinctive about us argentineans? Maradona?Borges? Gardel?Eva Perón?
Sometimes i think it´s Complaint. And even if i know this is as false as everithing else, i´m particularly atracted to this theory. Forget for a minute the economy (oh my god!) and take, for example, the wether: How many days of good wether would you say an argentinean from Buenos Aires has ( with a subtropical template wether that never gets too cold nor too hot?) You would probably say lots of them, but we will certainly say that only two or thee days a year are not spoiled by our typical humidity that makes 7C days seem like exile in siberia, and 30C, like a sunny Sahara day. Thats what you hear on the streets.
But then again, complaint has been a distinctive propperty that many people claimed and were claimed to have for their own. Take the jews, for example. And what about an argentinean jew like me? What a fuck am i talking about now? My mother?
I believe we should let identity and its derivates to marketing experts and policemen. And, even if any attempt to supress identity from our speculations will end in a rather magical thougt, I have at least an imperfect but yet goodwilling statistic method: Take all human groups, spontaneusly generated, and you will find in any of them (if you open wide your eyes) the same percent of people to feel identified with: people whose smell is your smell, wose skin is your skin, whose thougts are translations of your own thougts and beliefs.
How big that percent is, depends on your expectations, or is, in any case, the perfect subject for a different disertation.

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oy!oy!oy! - 13/07/2003, lucyentransito@hotmail.com
so true.
complaining is our way. and there´s a very particular kind of humour related to that. and i love it. it´s like feeling the worls is ruled my murphy. like being on the bottom of the sea all the time. i feel comfortable down there. i must be an argentinean!


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