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High Five Eye

15/07/2003, isaac regelson, richmond
  I like to high five

I'm a high fiver. When I meet someone I will shake their hand, but I prefer to high five after that.
It all started when I was in college at art school. I started high fiving, making fun of the frat boys and sport jerks who went to another college up the hill. I began to realize what a nice greeting it was (at least for me).
It's better than just saying high, you make contact. Its less formal then a handshake. Being less formal is more like how I approach life.
Some people are really into it, they like to keep trying until they make the perfect cracking sound. Other people hate it - a lot of them because they went to school with high fiving frat and sorority goons and want to get as far from that memory as possible.
Its kind of become my thing around town (the staff called me High Five I at one of my favorite hangouts), but that was never my intention. I just think its a nice way to greet.
On the hugging thing from B.A. I'm a hugger too! Usually when I see someone I haven't seen for a while, or to congratulate someone, or if anyone offers their open arms, I'll hug them. In the States, a lot of us are comfortable hugging. We are such a mélange of cultures and family lifestyles that there are always going to be people who don't like to hug just like there are people who don't like to high five.
When I’m sick, I don’t offer my hand to try not to spread my disease.

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Try kisses - 15/07/2003, tatiana saphir, buenos aires
... mixed with hugs and "high fives"! It's the most funny thing when I was in the states as well. I went directly to the chick, to kiss. People was waiting for me with their hand up so finally we ended up hugging!
A little story: I was there at 14 years old, visiting family-friends in LA. I went to the High School of one of the guys in the family. They were 16. No girls at this school, all men. I kissed everyone I was introduced to. That afetrnoon I got many calls for dates. All that was new for me, I was quite innocent, and after a while I thought they might have been thinking I was a "hot young southamerican girl"!
Then I went out with one of them. He took me to a game of Los Angeles Lakers, that supouse to be a really har-to-get-in game (htey said he did it to impress me, I had no clue about the importance of the event!). He bougth me a big bear and after that, at the door of my house, he kissed me!!!
I think it was my third "french-tongue kiss" of my life. I was so surprised!!!
But I allways prefere to "import" my conventions and keep kissing chicks all over the world!


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