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crying boy

15/07/2003, rahel savoldelli, Berlin
  passing a scene with my bike

when i was driving on my bike through the city,
it was last week, i suddenly saw a group of people.
there where about five police men in civil and two
young boys. thats what i could see in this short moment
because then i saw this one boy. he was standing
in front of this car, his arms and legs stilted, his trouses
where pulled down and this police man was scaning
his body from his shoulders to his feet of course in a very
roughly way. the boy was crying. that was all i saw in this
short moment. but the picture of this crying boy, i guess
he was a drug dealer sunk into my mind.
i thought: he is hard enough to be a criminal, or live was
hard enough to let him become a criminal or how ever
but to see him cry- how can i describe- i felt so sorry
for him.

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