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  log entries by isaac regelson

Suspicion Turns to Excitement
I was just pulling down the street toward my house. I noticed a van just leaving from in front of the house. There are occasional break-ins in my neighborhood, as there is anywhere. We don't get a lot of visitors, so I was a little suspicious as the van left before I turned the corner to arrive at the house.
I spied two medium-sized boxes on the porch. My mom's business gets a few deliveries per week at the house, I just figured they were for her. But when I got to the porch, I saw they said SOPHIENSALE on the box. MY POSTCARDS HAD ARRIVED! I'M SO EXCITED!
A very generous delivery from the Mutation crew in Berlin. This will help to offset our costs here in Richmond considerably.
Now the biggest phase of Mutation promotion begins in Richmond.
by isaac regelson, richmond

The Bonds Between Us Tighten
Last week, Harry and I met with Mark Drey, the Firehouse's Counsul and Financial Advisor. We hammered out the details between Mutation and the Firehouse and came to the general agreement of a partnership which would be the following:

No out of pocket expenses for the Firehouse (FTP).

Once the project met my financial goal we would start paying the Firehouse rent for the performances.

I can't ask any of their fund-raising prospects for money.

Once we covered the rent, the money would be divided in a likely a 75/25, Mutation/FTP proportion (I think any added money which comes into the project could perhaps go to help with ome of the other performances or travel expenses)
With this agreement, I can use the FTP's 501-c3 status to raise money.
I already have 1/2 of my budget pledged. by isaac regelson, richmond

Ami Garmon's Influence
Lest anyone think otherwise, it was Berlin dancer Ami Garmon's (who is originally from Richmond) suggestion to Dirk that he use Richmond as his US city and she put Dirk in touch with me. We always have and we always will acknowledge Ami's influence in this endeavor.
All due credit goes to Ami for helping bring Mutation to Richmond. Thanks Ami. by isaac regelson, richmond

Mutation Richmond Makes it to the Digital Press
One of several interviews conducted by Dirk and Niels in Richmond bears fruit. I think the printed press in Richmond is still stuck in the past and unable to comprehend that this preformance is already happening. I Leave it to the cyber-world to understand.
(P.S. None of us said that I was one of the "brains" behind Mutation - as mentioned under the photo))
Click on Links Below by isaac regelson, richmond

For All: Diaries
The "diary" area should probably be called something else - Like "mutation mutation" or something. This is not the place to post diary like stories about your life but a place to post how the project is developing. Everyone seems to be making this mistake. Maybe the diary should be coded as to only allow producer(s), director, etc. to post. Not that others are not involved with the developments of the project, but the area seems ill defined and we will keep having erroneous postings.

P.S. Briget - thanks for contributing! Just go in and edit your diary post. When the text box is open, highlight you text and copy it (right click in MSWindows). Then "delete" your post (bottom of screen). Add a city article, paste your text in the text box and "save" it. Voila! You have posted your posting in the right place.

P.S. Dirk - are you going to work out color coded text for guests? by isaac regelson, richmond

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