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luz algranti, santiago blaum, ensemble buenos aires, lorena habichayn, gladys lizarazu, alejandro margulis, cecilia pavon, tatiana saphir, luciano suordi, Gerd Tepass, walter fabian velazquez
guests Labios Ardientes, Luciano Azzigotti, claudio brun, Florencia La Rosa, Adri Lips, mariana mariana, Gustavo Negrin, R P, veronica pelaccini, nives sutakovic, homero x

  articles from buenos aires

  government growing
Argentina -where the silver is!
Some stories inspired by 2ye Bao´s article "What is China?" 15/07/2003, by santiago blaum, buenos aires
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  pleasure growing
Why is sex not there? This is the first question that came across us as a group. We are the argentinean core and this will be our collective log 15/07/2003, by ensemble buenos aires, buenos aires
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  relationships making
My problems with identity
The article posted days ago by Florencia La Rosa is, i think, full enough, so instead of a comment, i´m posting a new one. 13/07/2003, by santiago blaum, buenos aires
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  (no)work depression
Not a Star
About me and a film... a special one. About the death of the distribution of the film and my depression. 12/07/2003, by tatiana saphir, buenos aires
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  home together
i invite you dinner
dear mutationists, after argentinean independence day i´ve been thinking that one of the best ways of sharing what the hell is up down here is eating. voilá. 10/07/2003, by luz algranti, buenos aires
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 1-5 of [35] articles


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