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  pleasure outside
the closest thing to heaven in Virginia
After a strangely intense spring I've been fortunate to spend two weeks in an artist colony in Virginia. There are writers of fiction and poetry, composers and painters ane sculptors at every turn. Our only job is to do what we we hopefully do best: create 27/06/2003, by amie oliver, richmond
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  home growing
Colonial Ave Sounds Like Spring
As the days grow longer I find myself rising earlier - usually as the result of exhuberant birds chirping and excited by the dawn of the day. This is understandable since earlier this year it was so cold that ALL of the birds disappeared...I still don't know where. 11/04/2003, by amie oliver, richmond
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  consumption together
A Global Banquet
All of these passionate passages about food makes me hungry and curious. What a banquet we could have together! An international pot-luck (an American tradition) where everyone brings their favorite dish. 15/03/2003, by amie oliver, richmond
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  pleasure together
Soup is good food
Harry and I were in Norfolk over the weekend for a writer's conference. He served on a panel and picked up several awards for the writing he has done over the past year. It was a lovely weekend that ended with a wonderful bowl of creole rice and bean soup that we had at an indepenent book store and cafe called Prince Books. It was everything a good soup should be. 10/03/2003, by amie oliver, richmond
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  (no)work making
Making it work
January is usually one of my favorite monthes in Virginia. Everyone is on high alert for snow days and a simple excuse to stay home and write or watch movies. Now that January is finished and the bulk of my classes have begun I find myself tearing down Interstate 95 with snow flurries on my brow and giant tractor trailers at my side. 01/02/2003, by amie oliver, richmond
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 1-5 of [7] articles


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