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The Mutation Project
2003-2004 - as at 07/2003

theatre=resarch   A project by lubricat, a theatre company based at sophiensaele Berlin, Germany.

virtual/actual space   The project, developed in a virtual work space, www.mutation-workspace.de will go on to take place in actual space (from July 2003 - May 2004) with a unique performance in five cities on four continents. The final performance in Berlin brings together all of our international partners.

Richmond,Virginia/ USA
Buenos Aires/ Argentina
Lagos/ Nigeria
Shanghai/ VR China
Berlin/ Germany

try out the global shift   World=City, the world's cities in wild mutation: by 2020 63% of the world's population will live in cities, all connected trough a flowing network into a global economy. From the perspective of a dirty realism (Rem Koohlhaas), the MUTATION project will attempt a comprehensive exploration of a world wide evolution of city culture with a short circuit of the apparent dichotomy of global and local: dissolving it into glocal. Mutation performs on a dual level: both examining and participating in globalisation. The old media theatre will become used to the ascending productive force of globalisation: the NET. This will lead to a challenging process of transformation in our theatre praxis and awareness. Ultimately it will still be theatre that we will be creating: face to face with an audience in space and time.

To find out more about our perspective on globalisation: Download pdf file Global - a perspective, 100kB
To view pdf files, you just need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Download it here.

WORKSPACE   The WORKSPACE offers a virtual platform. Here we will generate a common pool/archive of material with articles and comments as a basis for the further scenic work in a actual space:
A combination of two out of 11 categories each consisting of an area and a state of life will create a matrix of 121 topics defining our research.

LOG   On a sub-platform, the LOG, we will keep a record of the highs and lows of our experience of producing and managing the project itself.

access   You can have access to the Mutation Workspace on tree levels:

1. All USER be invited to add comments on WORKSPACE platform. A log in is not required.

2. GUESTS can add articles in the WORKSPACE platform.

3. ASSOCIATES can add articles on both platforms WORKSPACE and on LOG. On LOG they can add pictures as well. A log in (Password) is required.

The number of associates in each city is limited to ten people. The majority of the 5 performers in each of the 5 cities will be expected to become associates on the WORKSPACE.

If you would like to join the Mutation Project and get access as an ASSOCIATE or GUEST on the WORKSPACE please contact: webmaster@lubricat.de to get your log in.

languages   Communication on the Work Space is based on English as a world language.

Please feel free to use your own local language, such as Spanish, Mandarin, Yoruba, Pidgin English, German or any other...
HOWEVER YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PROVIDE AN ENGLSIH VERSION Never be afraid about mistakes! Few of us are native English speakers!

on actual space   In cooperation with our local artistic and institutional partners we will form in each city a ensemble made up of 3 German performers and 5 local performers. Over 5 weeks rehearsal they will produce a performance which shall be shown to the public in a further 6th week. For the final production in Berlin all the artists involved will come together.

A small core ensemble of Berlin actors will use the material gathered on the WORKSPACE to create a flexible performance platform - The Agency - while the performers from each city will ‘plug in’ to this structure that opens up a forum in which the personalities - the audacity and tenacity - of the participants themselves determine the nature of the work produced. This performance platform - The Agency is real - a literal place - but not realistic, rather it is a concrete space in which the performers recreate themselves as invented characters (Kunstfiguren). By means of this platform the multiple possibilities of the theatrical medium can be realised; the method gives rise to theatre that is a montage in its composition. In all, the ensemble and creative team fuse to simulate an ideal author.

cast and creative team/berlin   Download pdf file cast and team, 64kB
To view pdf files, you just need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Download it here.

time schedule   production schedule 2003/2004

Rehearsal: Weeks 27 - 31 / Jun 31 – Aug 3, 2003

Arrival: Week 34
Rehearsal: Weeks 35 - 40 / Sep 1 – Oct 8, 2003
Performances: 41. Woche / 09. - 14. October 2003
Departure: Week 42

Buenos Aires
Arrival: Week 43
Rehearsal: Weeks 44 - 48 / Oct 27 – Nov 30, 2003
Performances: 49. Woche / Dec 1 – 7, 2003
Departure: Week 50


Arrival: Week 1
Workshop: Week 1 / Jan 5 – Jan 11, 2004
Departure: Week 1

Arrival: Week 3
Rehearsal: Weeks 4 - 8 / Jan 19 – Feb 22, 2004
Performances: Week 9 / Feb 23. – 29, 2004
Departure: Week 10

Arrival: Week 12
Rehearsal: Weeks 13 - 17 / Mar 22 – Apr 25, 2004
Performances: Week 18 / Apr 26. – May 2, 2004
Departure: Week 19

Final Production:
Arrival: Week 21 / Arrival of all partners by May 15, 2004.
Rehearsal: Weeks 22 - 24 / May 17 – June 6, 2004 Premiere: Week 25 / June 8, 2004
Performances: Weeks 25 - 26 / June 09 – 20, 2004

Alternative schedule for the final production in Berlin if followed by tour: September 2004 .


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