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Welcome to destination Shanghai

28/04/2003, santiago blaum, buenos aires
  Buenos Aires international Independent Film Festival Is an opportunity for everybody here to watch what’s going on out there.

Not a perfect prism but a much more faithful one than what CNN and company are trying to bring to us. And for me, that I like to travel as far away as I can, even with my mind if I don’t have the choice, It has been a good chance to get to know in part, how things are going in different places. That’s how I met Andrew Cheng´s delightful film “Welcome to destination Shanghai”. (another good Chinese independent movie was Cui Zi En “Enter the Clowns”). It was presented on a section whose name was “New Chinese Queer cinema”. I don’t know what they mean by that. First of all…What is queer cinema? And second: did anybody out there see the film? and here? anybody? Why is it a queer movie? Because a couple of personages are gay can we call a film “queer”? That’s what they have to do to sell them. As it seems, to call them independent is not enough…
Anyway…A friend of mine didn’t like those films because he found them to be “anecdotic”. I liked that opinion very much, I find it to be the exact reason why I loved them: For people like me, a single person that knows how to describe an emotion precicely, a certain particular environment, can tell us more than the hyper abundant information of those who think that reality is made out of statistics.
Out of individuals, I think it is made. Millions of them…

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dead by fest - 28/04/2003, lucyentransito@hotmail.com
a way of travelling or a literal train running over me. working at a festival is always like immolation. here i am. almost alive. but full of anecdotes (i guess that makes me completely out of interest for yur friends).
i saw shangai panic. there were at list four films with shangai in its name.
we should drink coffee soon and dream of silk dresses, tea and opium.


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