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  home alone
a story that makes me cry

25/05/2003, rahel savoldelli, Berlin
  a story about me my , my grandmother and eating porridge at 9 o clock in the morning

hello every body . my name is rahel savoldelli, i am 25 jears old, swiss and i am living in berlin. i will come to buenos aires.
dirk told me to write a story, write a story, write a story: so i am writing a story( amasing, or what do you think?)

last week early in the morning.
i was enjoying my hour of peace befor i started working. i made coffee,
and because there was nothing in my fridge i decidet to make some porridge. its very healthy and full of everything you need, thats what my grandmother told me. and thats why i thought of her.
i called her just to tell her that. i told her that i was having my little breakfast that she inspired. and so was she. she was also eating her porridge in her little house in norway and enjoying the morning. she is 85 years old, is fit like a sneaker and always the first one jumping into the ocean even if its 12 degrees. 2000km seperates us.

so we were about to finish our conversation when she added that she is going to take the 10 o clock bus to the next city to her a speach about
" active senior citizens "

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Never Knew or met my grandmother . - 25/05/2003, kabatinisoftouch@yahoo.com
I never knew my grandmother
but, I know how she would
have been.
Never had the luxury of her laughter,love and care...but still,I feel how it would have been.
Never had the pleasure of going
for holidays or running to her place when my father or mother's pressure was too much on me , when I was much younger ,
but still....it's like I knew her .
i never really knew how it would have been if I had met her . Would I have loved her too much or less ? Would she have reciprocated or loved my other siblings more ?
BUt something tells me, it would have been just the way I feel now .
I love her too much.Wished I met her.But I am always consoled when I see my mum and something in me tells me, I just would have loved her as much as I love my mum (who means the world to me ).In her , I see my dear grandmother I never really met , but I think and feel I know so well because of my mum .

my girls - 25/05/2003, lucyentransito@hotmail.com
i´m taking the subject one generation ahead. until last month i had two great-grand mothers.
my grandfather´s mother: Lía and my grandmother´s mother: Marta. (i don´t need to say how odd is two have grandparents who are still sons and daughters!)
They were 93 and 97.
One was a feminist. had resisted a bomb attack in her flat in the 70´s (when she was already 70 years-old!). she used to drink whisky and be sharp and intelligent and wear trousers and love chocolate. she lived in her own house up her last day. she wore a hat and died eating an easter egg.
the other one has a "geisha behaviour" towards men. she´s a pleaser and thanks the compliments and cooks as heaven. she´s french and writes letters to her terribly old friends in paris. i´ve never seen her with her nails unpolished or withour wearing lipstick. even when she´s in hospital.

my 93 y. old grand mother - 25/05/2003, pierre@sophiensaele.com
home alone.

my grandmother lives alone since 1980 when my grandfather died at the age of 74, 23 years ago. 23 years "home alone" ! I love to speak about her because she is very special, she is from corsica (only hard people can survive there : they have some cheese with inhabitants ! they mean worms !). She has a car she drove until she was 90. then she decided that she was to dangerous for the others (may be like a Lagosian Molue driver). To stay healthy she drinks one glass red wine everyday and smoke a cigarette on sunday... Her name is Colomba like the most famous woman of the island. Corsican women are very tough women. The old generation wears only black clothes. You feal a lot of respect when you see one in the street.
I think i call her next sunday.

of grandmothers and porridge - 25/05/2003, toni_kan@hotmail.com
i never knew my grandmother. if i did, would we be eating porridge and talking over the phone at the same time?
these are questions you ask knowing you will never have answers.
i have a beautiful daughter and every time i take her to see her grand parents and watch them play, i get seized by a feeling of regret at all that i lost not having met my own grandparents.
nobel prize winner, toni morrison has a term for seior citizens, she calls them ancestors not in the sense of dead forebears but in the sense of wise ones providing us an inextricable link to the past.
i look forward to my old age but then i look around me: SARS, AIDS,Terrorism, Ozone layer depletion and sundry hazards and i wonder whether i will make it.whether i will ever see my own grand child.

"Fit As A Sneaker." - 25/05/2003, harry kollatz, richmond

Rahel, Harry Kollatz Jr. here, from Richmond, Virginia, 41 years old. Damp and warm-washcloth humid. First, your story is grand and your expression, describing your grandmother, "fit as a sneaker," just marvelous.
I know several "active senior citizens." A photographer here in Richmond, Willie Anne Wright, and sculptor who lives in Farmville southwest of Richmond, Jackie Wall. I believe Jackie is 80 now and Willie Anne not there yet. But they're still going and doing and making work and providing inspiration to much younger folks.--HEK


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