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  body excitement
american dream

01/07/2003, rahel savoldelli, Berlin
  i had a dream, in which i was fighting against the good and the evel. to be more precise; it was wrestling between "sex" and the opposit of it.(isnt it wunderfull how precise i am...?)

at first i want to say that i fell very bad because i didnt write for such a long time.( and i am also shure that nobody cares about that; i can hear you say: dont fell sorry little girl - start writing!!!)

some days ago i had a dream, in which i was fighting against the good and the evel. to be more precise: it was a wrestling about "sex" and the opposit of it.. ( i know viva la precision)
enyway: in my dream it was clear that i wanted to fuck this very desirable boy who is also part of the play that i am doing at the moment.
that was more a feeling than a picture.
than i saw me climbing up the walls of a convent ( you know the house where the nuns are living in ) so i was climbing up the walls to reach the little window through which i wanted to get inside. but the walls where crumbelig, so i was falling down. and i could not get into the holy temple!!!
i keped on trying:
i found this thing that the nuns wear on the head. you call it cornet.so i wanted to put it on. it was clear that that would make me better , in sense of getting into the temple. but as soon as i tried to fix it , the cornet chanched into a black - lady- catwoman- mask.

the end
main actor. rahel

comments [3]


wake up and smell the coffee! - 01/07/2003, niels bormann, berlin
you dreamt about me! but whats the evil?

do you find him annoying in real time or in the play - 01/07/2003, bridget gethins, richmond
when I am working on a play I seem to always fall for someone in my dreams- but question is when are you mostly the cat lady???

The screen of the internet makes you say things in public you might not otherwise say. - 01/07/2003, isaac regelson, richmond
Most young men - boys, have wet dreams after they reach puberty. I had my first wet dream in college. I'm not sure why my mind/body chose this time, place or theme.
It was quite odd. I made love to a woman who went to my college who I didn't even know. I did not find her attractive. I probably would not have ever noticed her on campus except she looked a lttle bit like a friend of a friend (who also was not attractive to me).
So after this dream, whenever I saw her around the campus, I would shy away from eye-to-eye contact and feel really embarrased every time I noticed her.


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