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Richmond is

08/07/2003, bridget gethins, richmond
  Richmond I think is the smallest city in Mutation.

As I have been studying the map of Berlin it occurred to me that Richmond has got to be the smallest city in the project. When I think of Berlin, Shanghai, Lagos, and Buenos Aires they very romantic and full anicent and modern history. Where as Richmond is maybe WAIT %$#^^ I don't know how old Richmond is! I don't know how many people live here! God! what do I know about Richmond!!- first plainly it is my home...or the place where my home is...can my home be anywhere? There is a saying- "Home is where the heart is." Where is my heart?
But, back to Richmond it is 163 square kilometeres - is that big? and was founded around the 1650's. By American standards that is way old but world standards way young!
But, does size matter? that is my question.
Ps. I lookde up the facts. Just now.

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Size Does Matter Sometimes - 08/07/2003, harry kollatz, richmond


Yes, Richmond is a burgh compared to the other cities involved in Mutation.Our city proper counts not quite 200,000 people, though if count every last living thing even in Studley in Hanover County, in what is called the "Greater Metropolitan Statistical Area" by the planning folks, the Tri Cities with four counties amounts to about 1 million people.


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