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  public struggle

11/07/2003, miss dentzminger, richmond
  i went for a walk yesterday in the neighborhood.

it was very hot. i was told to put on a short-short pair of pants and walk for a while up on the hill. i went to the art gallery on 21st and broad streets to see if it was open. it didn't appear to be. i retraced my steps and i walked by the fire station the child guidance clinic and st. johns episcopal church. i turned on 26th street and walked down the sidewalk where a older lady that i knew lived. her name is betty moore. she said that she was living in that same house all her life. it was passed down to her from her wealthy family. the family lost their fortune but she regaled times when she almost lost the house. i asked if i could walk in her garden. i kept asking questions about the house and garden. she pretended not to hear me and said out loud that she didn't understand me. she wanted me to stay with st. pauls episcopal church. i no longer attend church. she wanted me to join there and get asylum through the church. i don't approve of the church organization. she is also a member of a confederate association. i know because i attended one of their meetings. they seemed to be expecting me. i had written a brief note at one of the confederates' seminars. in it i said that my ancestors would be proud of me. the jews had to lower themselves to carry out a mission. they did not come to this country to become slaveowners. their purpose was to mentally strengthen blacks. my ancestors freed their slaves and left the land to them. but because of bitterness and division among my aunts and uncles and their cousins the land was sold. i was named in the entitlement because not only had my grandfather died but my mother as well. i was heartbroken that the land was sold. we have a street named after the entzmingers in columbia but i don't know who bought the land. i was just talking by internet to the speaker for the virginia delegates. he is a wills and trust lawyer. i told him that i wouldn't need a wills attorney. it seems that i will. anyway i congratulated him on his appointment and told him that i had worn out my welcome here in virginia. i also told him that i had written to u.s. senator warner in protest of community service boards and block grant distribution by the state of virginia. i talked to the nurse at mcv and told her that dee had problems with arthritis in his knees, ankles. the atmospheric pressure affects the severity of his pain. i wonder if some scientist has reasons why this is so?

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who? - 11/07/2003, tatiana saphir, buenos aires
who told you to wear short-short pants and take a walk?


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