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delegate howell of virginia

12/07/2003, miss dentzminger, richmond
  i emailed the speaker of the house of delegates of virginia

i had the chance to be at his public induction when the general assembly was in session at the first part of the year. so i congratulated him on his appointment yesterday. what made me do it? i could feel that i could trust him. the virginia polititians got rid of the other speaker and i was allowed to visit that side of the legislative house. i had been coming for their meetings for seven years. i had to learn to work with the people that i did not like. i had to show support when i would have rather stayed on the senate side of the house. once a year at january and february and sometimes march i come to see how they faired in their representative parts of virginia. there are always special interest groups that show new technology and new programs that are based in virginia. an animal commission showed the owl and endangered species. the navy showed marine life and ships and lighthouses. different botanicals were on display. it was always a hub-bub of activity in the general assembly building and in the capitol. in the meetings i got to see guests from other parts of virginia who came to see their legislators. i new what bills were being considered for passage. they had a board to record how the senators and delegates voted. there are tours of the capitol and the governor's mansion. i toured both many times.

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