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12/07/2003, miss dentzminger, richmond
  today was okay

i walked down to the market at 17th street. i carried my gourd artwork with me in the hopes of showing it to the lady i bought it from. it is holding up well. i am surprised. dee tolerated his infusion therapy well. he has not had any problems. the nurse at the digestive disorders clinic at mcv forgot to tell the doctors to renew his prescription for prednisone. he knows that he isn't supposed to just stop taking the rx. so we'll call on monday to see if he can get a new rx. while in silver spring maryland i had the unfortunate oppurtunity to learn that our climates can be dictated by man and computer. i am extremely unhappy about this. there is the chance of misguided individuals learning of this technology. their actions will not be tolerated.
today i will go to the cookout held by one of my cousins. she is moving away to new orleans. my daughter nikki will probably come to pick me up and take me there. i hope it is fun. i haven't had enough fun lately.

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