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My way from Dirks Appartment to the Rehearsel

13/07/2003, miriam fiordeponti, berlin
  for three nights i stayed at dirks place, before matthias is coming and we can stay in the appartment of friends, while they are on holiday.

coming out of the house at 10 30 am there are immediately tables and chairs from the restaurant downstairs. the restaurant is called "Frida Kahlo". the bottom of the house where the restaurant is located, is paintet dark blue, the windows are paintet red and in white colour its written Frida Kahlo on the walls. people are sitting on the tables having coffe and breakfast. 2 baby carriages are in my way. the owners look at me, as to say you disturb us, why are you coming out of the house now. slowly they move the baby carriages and i can pass through.
as i walk down the street i have to be aware of the dog shit on the street.
a young handsome looking man is coming across the street. he is walking in front of me. he wears some cut off jeans, a dark blue t-shirt and a sweater around his hips, he is barefoot. his soles of the feets ar dark gray and his nails ar to long and look disgusting. he is walking with a cool attitude. he acts cool. i get some agressive feelings. the way he walks makes me angry. i can not stop looking at him and getting angryer. after five minutes he crosses the street again, he gets out of my sight. the anger stays still in my stomache.

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