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  body dying
free like a bird

14/07/2003, rahel savoldelli, Berlin
  feelings (thoughts) about the end and the beginning of a so called projects.

body dying

good morning. i am done . with my performances. "back to the present"
we had 15 shows.
each show from six (o'clock)to half past eleven: I STARTED TO
rehears in march. i never workt so hard. mentaly and also pysicaly.
it is a danse piece. i am an actor. but the coeograph (constanza macras)
dint care about actor - danser shit. everybody had to throw himself
town the stairs or smash into each other. i had my first (feilchen)
black eye and after one show i had to go to the emergecy, because
i hit my chin and the blood run down. often one of us hurt himself.
often someone cried of pain . everywhere bruces. "i am dead" i often
said. "i am dead. my BODY is DEAD!!!!
the piece was a big succsess. i am happy. but also happy thats it is
over. i am looking foreward to have enery for the mutation project.
o.k. i'll have another cop of coffee before i go.

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me too!&%%$$"!!!!!''''#### - 14/07/2003, niels bormann, berlin
i am looking forward to dance with you all- and kiss...

looking forward - 14/07/2003, rahel.savoldelli@web.de
hello tatjana. nice to hear from
you. i am so much looking forward to dance with you...
ciao. rahel.

Welcome back!!! - 14/07/2003, tatiana saphir, buenos aires
Greetings and hugs from Buenos Aires!!!I'm sorry for your chin but I'm happy for your work. Sounds so alive that I can understand that now you feel dead. It's just the end of a process, it's allways like a little death.
I'm sure a lot of cofees will do a lot! and merde for the begining of Mutation!!! I'll be waiting for you here to make you dance again!!!


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