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15/07/2003, niels bormann, berlin
  Why started people kissing each other in public?

Yesterday I said goodbye to the girlfriend of a friend of mine. I know her since about three months better now, him a bit longer. I like them very much. We went home after a party and at the park in front of my house I said goodbye to her. Our heads came close, she wanted to give me a kiss on the mouth for good bye, and in the last second I kissed her on the left side under the eye. Then I hold her and pressed her head to mine for a second. I realised that I always do it this way: Kiss on the one side- not on the mouth- and then hold the head on the side of mine and hug with pressure for a second. Some people get pissed a little when I hug them to tight, and there is a little unhappy tension after hug-kissing. I don’t like kissing on the mouth. I think I got accustomed to this kissing business because it´s so common here in certain circles of cool people. It’s a nice gesture, sure, but… I don´t know. Why? I never did it in Bremen, kissing was for lovers. As I walked through the park I thought: what a strange avoid-but-do-it-strategy this kissing beside the mouth and then hugging…in order to avoid kissing on the mouth? I don’t know, perhaps its my way of being quickly close to somebody. But holding the head is a little too rough, I decided, so I am going to skip this out of my hello-goodbye-kissing-programme. Perhaps it´s a family business, I have to watch out how people in my family kiss each other... Don’t be afraid, now! Enjoy!

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kisses...mch! chuik! mmm!ssshh! - 15/07/2003, tatiana saphir, buenos aires
I LOVE KISSING! But I agree, for me, real kissing (wet, tonguey, lipsy kisses) it's for lovers. This doesn't mean allways "love", of course. But I know if I kiss (on the mouth) I'll be turned one quickly! Warm blood in my vains! I can't help it! That's why I prefer allways to hug strong, hold hands and kiss on the chick, when it's a friends' kiss. I love hugs as well. And sometimes that can turn you on also!!! So dangerous!
All body conventions are!
NIELS: I love the way you described it. Sometimes it's even a violent situation to set the limit of the confidence-intimacy on the kissing hello-good-bye. Sometimes it's clear for both, sometimes it's not.
By your words, I sure she was expecting your kiss... so mean you are!!!
I want a lot of kisses on the Buenos Aires Mutation! And don't worry, it's not a big mood or fashion to kiss each others lips here. With chicks you'll be fine.
If you add a hug, better.

hugging USA - 15/07/2003, imregelson@att.net
See my comment in High Five Eye.

stiff - 15/07/2003, ensemble buenos aires, buenos aires
why do people get stiff when you kiss hi? it happened to me in the states. when i arrived to lansing, i found the cousins of a friend of mine who picked me up at the airport and i kissed them (in the cheek) as a greeting and they looked at me stiffly as if i had tried to rape them. i like kissing and hugging.
don´t give up niels!


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