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  pleasure growing

15/07/2003, ensemble buenos aires, buenos aires
  Why is sex not there? This is the first question that came across us as a group. We are the argentinean core and this will be our collective log

No sex. Bizarre. We have decided to try and set an idea of was sex is for each one of us using our mutation matrix.

Tatiana: body-pleasure-struggle. The three of them are quite obvious. Iīm not willing to explain much. Itīs actually there. Till iīm 80? 90? 100? Itīll still be one of the most important area/state of my life.
+ alone (isnīt it wonderful, healthful...)

Santiago: inside (...love), outside (...power), consumption (...whatever).
Plus he made an obcene drawing heīll load soon.

Walter: government- excitement- together.
Goverment: thereīs a kind of sex practiced by our government towards the inhabitants of our country. Itīs got nothing to do with pleasure and itīs hard to index.
Excitment: excited sex is very interesting, but itīs hard to calibrate the excitement. When one exceeds with its excitement, the excitement of the partner that can become self defeating. Warning: Watch out excitment and sex.
Together: sex among many persons at a time is very productive yet quite self defeating. Because if you give a bad performance mixed with the other persons no one will realize. But if someone does, many people will be aware of it.

Luz: area sex? State dying. Why is it not there? Me. I build pleasure alone and together and struggle excited. Itīs growing and dying making relationships. Itīs inner, itīs my own but shared.

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something about 6 - 15/07/2003, matthias breitenbach, berlin

hi buenos aires,

its so difficult to write about sex.
but u did it, so why shouldnīt i try it.
in german the number 6 sound nearly like sex

to be serious (aha),
i really put my hope in sex
(i donīt mean to have sexual intercourse with everybody)
to get in real contact, to get in touch with somebody is a kind of sex. and to get in contact with other human beings is one of the most important energys. there is a songline from the „einstuerzende neubauten“ that comes up to my mind. desire (yearning) is the only (sole) energy. in german sounds much nicer „sehnsucht ist die einzige energie“.
did you notice that work-relationships often behave like love-relationships?
and also i think sex can be a strong spirituell way. donīt think on kamasutra in connection with me. i think not in a spirtual school.. - much more rough.
its a strong way to realize that we are mortal. this flesh is my flesh, these bones are your bones.
and as an actor i have also i kind of scientific interest in sex and itīs affections and relations. this is also a reason that i live in hamburg in the red-light-district.
sex is the mixture from high spirituell possibilties and dirt and evil things. and they are mixed up. together. sometimes you canīt devide it.
the foot in the dirt and the head in the stars.

....and i like to scream.

i make a break

iīm sorry that i cannot also come to buenos aires. i would really like to meet you.
but there was a big appointment problem... so I CANNOT.

anyway greetings


my page

answers for answers - 15/07/2003, lucyentransito@hotmail.com
be fair. we answer if you answer.
we know what's up here but not there. let's exchange data!

i was thinking the same! - 15/07/2003, niels.bormann@freenet.de
but itīs difficult to write about: do people in argentina or whereever have different sex than berliners do?? i donīt have a clue, but now that you started i have some questions: tatiana: please explain!!! why did you always have sex, what does it look like??
santiago: what do you consume exactly??
Walter: how does the governmental sex look like exactly, some examples please. plus
one example of exceeded excitement.
luz, how enigmatic! what do you mean: ME?


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