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Argentina -where the silver is!

15/07/2003, santiago blaum, buenos aires
  Some stories inspired by 2ye Bao´s article "What is China?"

The word argentina (argentinus-argentinum) means in latin "made of silver". This name was given to our land because, the first spanish expeditions responsible for Buenos Aires city foundation, and subsequent argeninean exploration, came to the Rio de la Plata (the silver river, in spanish -so you see there was a silver fixation) looking for a convinient path to "El Dorado" the legendary peruvian city of gold.
The Incas, who supposedly owned that city, named the capitol of their own empire kosh-ko (today´s Cuzco) which means in quechua “the world´s umbilicus (navel or belly button, as you preffer)”. So, as we all know, China isn´t, wasnt, nor will be the only center of the world. I have one of my own hidden here somewere.

(By the way, Harry, thanks for that fascinating information!)

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