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My drawing plus Tatiana´s big sexy kiss
As promissed. Complementary material to Sex and the Site.
###I CANT LOAD THE JPGS DONT KNOW WHY //ILL TRY LATER//ADVISE APRECIATED#### by santiago blaum, buenos aires

Watching A Mutationesque Play At The Firehouse

On the afternoon of July 12 I joined about a dozen people at the Firehouse to see a workshop performance of a short work creatred by Jennifer Jones Hundley, a Firehouse boardmember, and a group of actors.
What I didn't know when I saw the play--about 12 minutes in length--was that it had been rehearsed and presented in 24 hours. The five actors, two women and three men, were simply given a year, 1957, and a location, a restaurant in the South Beach section of the city of Miami, Florida. There was no text but movement and gesture.
The actors were given this situation Saturday morning and they began working movement, building characters. This is out of the teaching of Ann Bogart. The City Company in New York City is creating a full-length play this way, called "Systems and Layers."
They went home to write biographies of their characters but they didn't even share them. Sunday morning they began rehearsing their characters, with movement, and a piece of jazz music by a regional group here called The Switch, which had a kind of Latin beat. The plot was simple, but what the actors did with it amazingly complicated and wonderful to watch. A black man comes into a Southern restaurant in Miami run by a pre-Castro Cuban immigrant. The waitress and the waiter are flirting with each other, a woman comes into the restaurant, is propistioned by the black man and she sends away, the owner of the restaurant enters(we don't know at the time that he is the owner) and he and the young woman see each other, there is uncomfortable recognition, he approaches her, and they begin this dance of attempted reunion/seduction. The black man tries to break into the dance, and is told he cannot by the waiter. The woman realizes this whole situation is painful and wrong; the owner goes, the woman hesitantly leaves afterward, the black man finally goes and the waiter and waitress close up the restaurant, dance together lovingly and exit.
These were good actors, committed to the process and they obviously enjoyed the work method. For such a short time of rehearsing--this was just the seventh time they'd run the show-- I was impressed by the crisp clarity of movement and the revelation of character. Ann Bogart teaches this method for Classic theater and contemporary, too.
The Artistic Director and I were impressed enough that we'd like to see more shows done this way at the Firehouse.
Sounds to me this is something in the Mutation style--I'd be interested to hear if I'm sort of correct, or even sort of wrong.--HEK
by harry kollatz, richmond

buying costumes for the mutation-rehearsals
today we were searching for costumes for the mutation-rehearsals.
we met in very famous and cheap second-hand-shop, called humana.
it has 4 floors, and one floor specially calles "TREND". it took hours till we found something for every actor. we were just 4. miriam, rahel, niels and myself and dirk, as the director had a look at all our choices.
this humana-shops (there are a few of them in berlin) are supporting "third-world-projects" and helping-programs. look at http://www.humana-de.org/
after 3 hours we werde exhausted but still not finished. miriam and i went to the western part of berlin in a "H&M". http://www.hm.com

its a chain of department-stores, which sells fancy and cheap clothes, spread all over germany. and they have there own sort of "third-world-project". they let produce their clothes very cheap in china and india, and i think at a lot of other places.

by matthias breitenbach, berlin

"Rojas, mate, postcards, photos, maps"
Last Friday we had a Mutation's meeting (rehearse?) at Rojas Cultural Center (or "RoHas", Dirk's funny pronunciation!)
We were at one of their huges offices? saloons? classrooms? You never know very well what are their spaces for. But we had a great big table (so needed, so good!) and a big window to a white sunny patio on the second floor. This is the new building they bought.
Anyway, Walter brought a "mate" set (our typical infussion, stronger than tea, everybody sucks from the same metal straw... this is allready another text). We drunk mate, we talked, we discussed ideas. We all talk a lot, and I can fell we're willing to start somehow. I know we've allreay started, but I mean in a more "theatrical way". May be that's actors' anxiety (I'm completely ill from this particular dissease).
Then a photographer from Rojas came to take pictures. The situation was quite confusing, I started to say "let's do this, let's do that, let's try this... it's silly I know but let's do it"... and we had fun but I guess I was may be too much. We stroke (?) posses and we tried to be spontaneous at the same time. That contradiction towards a camera!!!
Luz, Santiago, Walter and me trying with each small activity to get to know each other more and better. We're very different, we know.
Then I brought an idea from my notebook that we'll start to do on our next's week session: fill in a map.
The idea is to have a huge Buenos Aires map and each one of us, with a different color, can mark roads, special places, spots that mean something in our lifes. And we can talk about them, tell some stories. Besides the activity, I think that map could do great as a visual prop.
Then I think we can all do that in each city. We'll have maps all filled by colors with lines, ponits, spots... drawings in the city with the steps, the scares of each life. I'd love to see those maps, may be that's why.
Anyway, here we go. We "mutate" a little bit each time we meet.
Other facts: we also have Mutation's postcards. I brough two heavy boxes from Berlin. We'll start to leave them in bars and in some places on a the cultural circuit (???).
We have three Lubricat's videos. We'll watch them and then... more Buenos Aires "log entries" will appear here! by tatiana saphir, buenos aires

The Global Reality Arrives In My Mailbox

During the July 4th weekend the global reality of Mutation arrived in my mailbox on Colonial Avenue with the delivery of a thick cache of postcards. Scanning the Workspace and diary entries, and reading the journalism pertaining to Mutation in the Nigerian Vanguard, and the rehearsal process underway in Berlin, I'm feeling the electric whir of activity. We are launched. Even Ms. Dentzminger. by harry kollatz, richmond

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