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  log entries from buenos aires

My drawing plus Tatiana´s big sexy kiss
As promissed. Complementary material to Sex and the Site.
###I CANT LOAD THE JPGS DONT KNOW WHY //ILL TRY LATER//ADVISE APRECIATED#### by santiago blaum, buenos aires

"Rojas, mate, postcards, photos, maps"
Last Friday we had a Mutation's meeting (rehearse?) at Rojas Cultural Center (or "RoHas", Dirk's funny pronunciation!)
We were at one of their huges offices? saloons? classrooms? You never know very well what are their spaces for. But we had a great big table (so needed, so good!) and a big window to a white sunny patio on the second floor. This is the new building they bought.
Anyway, Walter brought a "mate" set (our typical infussion, stronger than tea, everybody sucks from the same metal straw... this is allready another text). We drunk mate, we talked, we discussed ideas. We all talk a lot, and I can fell we're willing to start somehow. I know we've allreay started, but I mean in a more "theatrical way". May be that's actors' anxiety (I'm completely ill from this particular dissease).
Then a photographer from Rojas came to take pictures. The situation was quite confusing, I started to say "let's do this, let's do that, let's try this... it's silly I know but let's do it"... and we had fun but I guess I was may be too much. We stroke (?) posses and we tried to be spontaneous at the same time. That contradiction towards a camera!!!
Luz, Santiago, Walter and me trying with each small activity to get to know each other more and better. We're very different, we know.
Then I brought an idea from my notebook that we'll start to do on our next's week session: fill in a map.
The idea is to have a huge Buenos Aires map and each one of us, with a different color, can mark roads, special places, spots that mean something in our lifes. And we can talk about them, tell some stories. Besides the activity, I think that map could do great as a visual prop.
Then I think we can all do that in each city. We'll have maps all filled by colors with lines, ponits, spots... drawings in the city with the steps, the scares of each life. I'd love to see those maps, may be that's why.
Anyway, here we go. We "mutate" a little bit each time we meet.
Other facts: we also have Mutation's postcards. I brough two heavy boxes from Berlin. We'll start to leave them in bars and in some places on a the cultural circuit (???).
We have three Lubricat's videos. We'll watch them and then... more Buenos Aires "log entries" will appear here! by tatiana saphir, buenos aires

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