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Courage IS Peace
The blue-helmeted U.N. troops could have been deployed in a Peace Action as in the Yugoslavian conflict.U.S. and other world armies could have been converted to U.N.Blue,then directed to surround and quell today's tyrannical bully. This could work in all hotspots. ... America's modus operandi is to go to bed with very bad leaders,arm them,pay them,have them fight for our "national" interests, then once they have served our ugly purposes,America abandons or kills them. America seeks Empire,fears and detests World Law and Courts, and even shuns Natural Law. ..... I see only two actions possible- world-wide NON-VIOLENT demonstration-and massive efforts to begin repair NOW of world-wide damage.This can be done. courage is peace. by coby batty, richmond

Ami Garmon's Influence
Lest anyone think otherwise, it was Berlin dancer Ami Garmon's (who is originally from Richmond) suggestion to Dirk that he use Richmond as his US city and she put Dirk in touch with me. We always have and we always will acknowledge Ami's influence in this endeavor.
All due credit goes to Ami for helping bring Mutation to Richmond. Thanks Ami. by isaac regelson, richmond

Mutation Richmond Makes it to the Digital Press
One of several interviews conducted by Dirk and Niels in Richmond bears fruit. I think the printed press in Richmond is still stuck in the past and unable to comprehend that this preformance is already happening. I Leave it to the cyber-world to understand.
(P.S. None of us said that I was one of the "brains" behind Mutation - as mentioned under the photo))
Click on Links Below by isaac regelson, richmond

these days
Ok, now who do you think I am, Coby? I'm the one who either mis-speaks your name or mis-spells it, right now I'm thinking I spelled it wrong, but I can't figure out how to go back and check without messing up this page. So, forgive me. Mr. Batty. Oh, I'm the one who lives down the street in the global and lit-rual sense. Now, I haven't read or found what the mix up was so this is a silly clicking on the keys. I don't where in the world Neils or Dirk are..but I hope they are having fun and are safe.
Mr. Batty, when is your next gig in Richmond?
Oh, I have bee film ing a project that very fun and God willing very fine. Peace.Friends by bridget gethins, richmond

An Egg It is-South gets the Girth
Wie gehts,Zebu.I understand Earth is more egg than ball,and the pointy end is the North. After Dirk and Niels snowy entrance our spring chickens are hatching here,too.I'm saving the pieces of shell though,you never know,shelter may again be needed. Incidently,we all thought Dirk was losing it (his mind) at restaurant Mamma Zu, though now I think it was one last bit of it catching up to him after having it blown up by American aggression. You see, Mamma Zu is really in Rome and he was discombobulated by Roman pizza and Budweiser. The contrast too stark for any egg/earth person. by coby batty, richmond

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