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The idea of a character
We have been working for four days now together and it was surprising for me to get the task to invent a chacter for mutation piece or the material we want to develop. Everybody who writes in the mutation workspace does this more or less as a private person, so I did not expect to develop a character who is mīnot myself.
I have not been working with Lubricat for more than two years now, but now it comes into my mind that one's part became allways a mixtrure from your own stories and stories from others or, true or invented.
So whatīs behind the idea of inventing a character? Whatīs meant by this idea, how narrow and open is it to be unterstood?
Right now I think to invent a character is like to put on new glasses or different glasses from others whith their colors and to describe what you see through them in a new way.
Itīs like a medium or a special focus through which your observationswill go and which can give them a new frame, occuparion or direction. (In the end I donīt want to play an actor!)
In the end the importance of the character can be very insignificant and it will be much more important what kind of communication you have with others on stage or the audience. The quality of this communication still is very much defined by your choice of character. Are you for example more free or dependent on others, hopeful or depressed, how do you move and what are your wishes. Until now we thought for us about characters like: a nurse, an unemplyoes, a fraud and a detective or agent and made single improvisations to invent the biography and circumstances of that person and started also to communicate as a charater wtith the other character. by martin clausen, Berlin

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