It's all about space and me

Richmond, VA / USA

October 9.-11. 2003
Firehouse Theatre, Richmond

In cooperation with The Firehouse Theatre Richmond/VA USA.

Out of Area is sponsored by OUROBOROS at
Antique Village on US 301


Miriam Fiordeponti - The Nurse
Bridget Gethins - The Mother
Marigia Maggipinto - The Moving Woman
Niels Bormann - The P.I.
Isaac Moses Regelson - The Boy and
Beatrice Bush - Speaker (on screen)

Clifton Frei & Ryan Jones – Lights
John Reinhold – Assistant

Dirk Cieslak – Director

In Kind Contributors: Boy Scouts of America - Dogwood Dell (City of Richmond) - Main Stage Productions - Moore Street Baptist Church - Temple Beth-El - Urban Lightworks and Ernie McClintock †.

Special Thanks To: Sandeep Ahuja, Joerg Bittner, Mary Sue Carroll, Diane Entzminger, Sylvain Flannigan, Ami Gamon, Carl Hayslett, Patricia David King, Harry Kollatz & Amie Oliver, Rev. Alonza Lawrence, Greig Leach, Austin Leach, Damon Silvers & Alisa McBride, Grady Smith, Todd Schall-Vess

The idea of MUTATION - to work on the topic of globalization by globalizing our selves and our praxis of producing theater did his first successful step to become real with the premiere of Out of Area in Richmond’s Firehouse Theatre.

While "The P.I." prepares his nipples for the next dance and "The Boy" get kicked out of the center of the universe the show stops suddenly and we have a situation. A serious one... but thanks God there is black plastic tarp all over the place underneath that saves all of us finally.

Panic - The moving woman is happy now, she owns a huge garden with huge beautyful trees. „It’s all mine“ she says. She has got a rich husband. One day she took over long yellow gloves and tight green rubberboots. Then she starts to collect the dead leaves from the ground like here neigbours do. When she discoveres that beneath the leaves and benave the trees under the whole land-scape up to the horizon is a endless layer of black tarp covering the soil, panic overwhelmes her.

Order - When boys are driven crazy, which happens frequently because they are boys, there is only one who has the authority to bring back order, mother with her command: „Go to your room“. Since Mother failed herentrance examination for the FBI,she makes her money as asecurity officer in the local baseballstadium. She tends theelevator, which leads to the VIP lounge, she keeps the VIPs safe. A good job asshe always gets somedelicacies from the wonderful buffet inside,passed on by some of the VIPs,  with thewords: „Thank you Harper, you do a great job“.

Safty and Innocence - Safety and Innocence -The floor is all wet. With serious concern about the possible danger, the boy warns the public,."Please be careful".  "It’s all wet now! Careful!". Hedoesn't want to become liableif somebodyslips on the floor and breaks a bone. Space has to be safe. His concern isreally isn'tabout people gettinghurt andsuffering, for the boy, that is just another good opportunity for making a bad joke. His deep concern is aboutavoiding a situation where he might get blamed for what happens. He wants to be innocent.

Rage - We do not want to go into details with what happened to him. The P.I. got humiliated like never before in his life. His whole stomach region is heated and there is a tornado in there. He saw orange and yellow colors everywhere, his ears are somehow numb when he smashed the door, entering that apartment, entering the room, he got a stroke of 240 volt, then strangulation, banging the head on the floor, the wall and the flat screen television, slaughtering the bed with a knife, setting the kitchen on fire, flooding the bath room, kicking, opening the gas stove. When he left, he took his good black shoes he had left with him away.

Happiness - The Nurse gets unspeakable happy sometimes. She can not find a word to express her happyness. She do not know why she gets happy. Happyness is overwelming her suddenly and she god driven by her happyness until she got exhausted. You better not try to stop her.

Fear and Nature - The mother lost the beloved little white elephant, the magic reminder of her pink childhood. Now she lives in a permanent state of fear that nature strikes back from above while the nurse suffers with all the millions of creatures who struggle to survive under the black tarp which covers the soil everywere.

Desire - The moving woman let grow her tis for the happyness of the man. She developed her own technique to let them grow instantly in front of man. „You love it?“ Yes, they do and even the man can see it is obvious all fake, they get horney again and again, each time she does her trick. Success can be so simple.

Punishment and Relief - After the P.I. was touching the boy he got a well-deserved punishment. His hands went dead. But soon a beautyfull woman brought back life into his hands.

Identity - “Do you think I look like the young john malkovic? Hm?? Do you think I look like Vincent Van Gogh? You know, the sunflowers look, my profile! I am a special sergeant in a Swiss hospital. I am witty and sexy. I am funny! I am a very important person VIP customer. I am so upset with their service that I scream at the service person: I am a pop star/ I am a businessman!!! I am a philosophy student, who doesn’t believe in working or thinking. I am this crazy party person…”

Following some voices on the performances.

"Theater as Invention - Urban life both real, absurd...

If this spirited but highly nuanced meditation on urban living isn't provoking a guffaw at the Firehouse Theatre, it's usually substaining a grin. If grins don't suffice as responses to the more wistful undersides of life. "Out of Area" can be achingly poignant, too... This show is, ultimately, a vast fun-house mirror in which each audience member see his own urban experience reflected again and again... What amazing is this master theatrical juggler's ability to keep so many balls in the air for so long. Out of Area is a wonderful surprise."
Richmond Times Dispach Saturday, Oct. 11, 2003

"The Stage Meets Cyberspace - The next step in theater’s evolution comes to Richmond as The Mutation Project"
Style weekly, Oct 08. 2003