Buenos Aires, Argentina

01. – 06.12. 2003 - 21:00 - Sala Cancha
C.C.R.Rojas U.B.A. - Av. Corrientes 2038

The Swiss Girl exhibit herself while The Diva gives birth to a white elephant and The Bastard is dancing the dying swan with bloody arm stump’s. The P.I. finally went desperate while Number Twentydos makes loves to a woman in the first row…

The Diva Tatiana Saphir
The Swiss Girl Rahel Savoldelli
The Bastard Santiago Blaum
Number Twentydos Walter Velázquez
The P.I. Niels Bormann

Dirk Cieslak - Director

The Boy Isaac Regelson from Richmond,Va,USA - Special guest
Luz Algranti - Assistant
Stefan Hufschmid - Assistant/Video
Gonzalo Córdova - Light design
Mariana Ron - Production
Paula Chinellato and Paula Simkin - PR

Thanks to:
Fabián Lebenglik, Alejandro Tantanian, Martín Fernández, David Seiras, Rafael Spregelburd, Trentuno FX, Pro Plástico Oeste.

Happy Body - Numero Twentydos is not an Indian. But he is sexy like an Indian. He loves women and all the women love him. They see him and they want to be in his arms and get kissed and kiss him. They get watering eyes and dream of him. They see him and get touched. It comes over them and they can not help. Males usually do not see him at all. He can make himself feel home everywhere, as far as people do not start to disturb his little circle of routine. He is happy when he has a working cooker and a piece of meat everyday and woman passing around.

Seductive Games - The Diva loves games. She loves to play. Even if she got beaten and she cries or gets angry and hurts somebody it looks like a game because she will forget immediately all about it. And try again to seduce the aggressor or her victim. Where is the point were things get serious for her? That she stops to seduce. In a way she is a dancing kid. The space where things get serious is somewere else in the outside. There is no space for beeing serious in her inside. So things never get a form, become a hard shape, even if she suffers, and she suffers a lot. Everything is on the move in a powerful flow.

Turned Around -The swiss girl get happily lost sometimes and sometimes fear comes over her that she is lost alone and things get emtpy. Where is she? Sometimes she will stay forever, sometimes she will leave immediately. Is it paradise? Is the hell right away around the next corner? Is it real or is it delusion? She feels a strong appeal to her new surroundings. "Ok keep cool - relax" she says to herself once a day, looking at her red passport with the white cross on it.

Kisses - The bastard is always kissing around like the other inhabitants of that place. They never say "I love you" but kiss everywhere and always happen. You go to buy your bread in the morning you have to kiss the baker behind the desk. Even in the supermarket customers kiss the cassier when they enter the cashbox and after they payed and have put item into the bags they kiss again for a goodbye. People kiss the busdriver when they enter the bus. You see policeman now kissing each other always when they meet on the streets. There are only a few basic rules. People working for the civil service or gouverment do kiss only each other but never people who do not work in that sector. Rich people are very striked in kissing only rich people. Poor people prefer also to kiss only poor people.

Get Black - The P.I. get driven by his new obsession and prays with deep passion: "I´m black. Praise the Lord   Halleluja! I´m black. Halleluja! The Lord is my Shepard!" He gets drown out by the Bastard who performs chinese opera on top of a rental toilet.

Love Me - The boy from Richmond/Virgina, USA, where Patrick Henry stood on the hill and said to the state convention "give me liberty or give me death" while down on the James river the slave ships were passing, came down to Buenos Aires to say as an American citizen to the Argentines. Directly, citizen to citizen, human to human, soul to soul; "Hello Argentina. I Love you all. I Love you. Thank you. And I am here asking for you to love me. Please: Love me Argentina."

Hawai - The Diva is ready to sacrifice herself for the happiness of the people over there... She wants to go to Miami... She wants to help this people, they need her. I here presents they will become much more happier in the first world... She wants to live in the "little Brazil" of Miami. There is a small Las Vegas Casino in the little Brazil of Miami where they serve Italian food what is basically pizza with no cheese. She wants a better environment. She needs some holidays.

Meat/Carne - Because the eating situation is 'muy diferente' here the P.I trill always: "Meat is in the air. Everywhere I turn around. Fleisch liegt in der Luft ..."