they like me somehow

Shanghai/ China

April, 27 - 29, 7:30 p.m.

In collaboration with BIZ ART Centre Shanghai – Supported by Cultural Section of the German General Consulate in Shanghai (Goethe Institut)

Niels Bormann, Cao Yi Yun, Martin Clausen, Gao Ming Bo, Mei Yu Ting, Rachel Barkley (on screen) and Peng You Lin (on screen)

Xhingyu Chen – Produktion

Dirk Cieslak – Director

Thanks to Kerstin Kaehler, Kirk Jobsz – Mailman China and Lu Leiping

While Niels is repeating the same movements endless to keep fit he is promoting total relaxation at the Rivera Garden. The others have a cigarette from a brand called Stone Garden, Mei2 starts to sing with anger one of his forbidden songs … Fuck Fuck… Fuck your Mom... the song drives Penny crazy and he starts to bump his head against the wall. Meanwhile, Nicole answers a couple of the countless text messages she receives daily on her mobile phone.

Hello and good by. Welcome customer. Our mission is to serve you. We are proud to be focused on success. We are happy. Thank you for choosing us. Please take a seat. Please let us know your wishes. Make your choice. Help us to improve our service. Call us. We are grateful for your suggestions. Good luck.

(No) Body. If Penny is struck by a punk song he can’t control himself anymore. He can’t help, he can’t stop, he has to jump furiously until he reaches the point of exhaustion. Penny’s outbreaks inflame Niels easily and joints him while Martin keeps smoking.

Afraid? There is no need to be afraid of China. If there is anyone in the World scared about China they have made their own plans for the world. China is more concerned with improving the nation, stability, raising standards and so on… to have a better life, and one day maybe a super life. Of course money changes people, so we do not know what will happen when they all live a super life.

5·1. Mei Ar’s favorite cigarette called ‚Five point One’ or five one… that means first of Mai. The package is basically red, the colour of happiness and holiday. The illustration is of an optimistic looking worker and a female farm hand with smoking chimneys in the background. The slogan is: “Labour creates an better tomorrow.” On the webside of the tabacco company: www.dahongying.com.cn is a second slogan for 5.1 which we all really liked: „Changes comes together with action“

Dead cat. Her beloved cat fell out of the 17.floor of her new apartment in Brilliant City and died. She cried. Weeks later, when the cook in that little noodle stall hit and kicked a poor cripple cat - you really could see a light in her eyes. Poor cat was only searching for some food. Nicole took off her high-heel Gucci shoes, and started to hit the head of the cook with the high-heels. She was fast and efficient. She didn't even slip on the oily floor. At next day she could not come to rehearsal because she had to settle the case with the police. 5000 Remin cash. Because the cook did not have the the proper papers he could not make a fuss in front of the authorities. Thanks God.

2000 or 5000 Years of history. There was a large Chinese family of 300 people. The head of the honorable family was the victim of an intrigue. An evil administrator of the king convinced the king that the Honorable was evil. The king killed the whole honorable family, except for one son of the Honorable. He couldn’t find him … and so on… That is a sad story about the old times, but it has a happy end. Finally the bad guy was killed by the surviving son. The good guy does not to live in shame anymore and all people get very, very drunk. Cheers.

Exit. Since they killed my every little precious feeling of the city that fascinated me when I was sincere once upon a time. No hope was sent, no sense was created, no emotion was given...all have been replaced with some inferior bubbles and cheap glue. As fragile as those living ghost’s that floating in the reality that we all get lost in. All of the time before we turn to 50, spending each day our earning’s on a nice apartment in a high grade building; imagining making love in a spacious bedroom behind the big-shinny window...Oh, I gotta work my ass off, yes I'm gonna kiss your ass off, come on rip my head off!!