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  pleasure growing
Why is sex not there? This is the first question that came across us as a group. We are the argentinean core and this will be our collective log 15/07/2003, by ensemble buenos aires, buenos aires
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  relationships outside
Why started people kissing each other in public? 15/07/2003, by niels bormann, berlin
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  body outside
I Heard No Laughter In The Rain
A summer evening rainshower turns my quick trip to the grocery store into a soggy event. 14/07/2003, by harry kollatz, richmond
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  building growing
Photographs and Memories
Sorting through a decade's worth of a theater's images and ephemera causes me to inwardly rejoice and wonder where all that time went. 14/07/2003, by harry kollatz, richmond
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  body dying
free like a bird
feelings (thoughts) about the end and the beginning of a so called projects. 14/07/2003, by rahel savoldelli, Berlin
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  6-10 of [374] articles


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