MUTATION is a web- and theatre-project on Globalization by Lubricat, Berlin, Germany. On this virtual space we open a dialog with collaborators all over the world, to develop a material base for performances in actual space. Material means all kind of texts and pictures reflecting personal, social, cultural or political experiences around the basic formula of the global shift: WORLD=CITY.

MUTATION will take place in actual space (from September 2003- May 2004) with unique performances in five Cities on four continents: Lagos, Shanghai, Richmond, Buenos Aires, Berlin. - Feel free to join us!

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public outside
crying boy passing a scene with my bike by rahel savoldelli, Berlin

government growing
Argentina -where the silver is! Some stories inspired by 2ye Bao´s article "What is China?" by santiago blaum, buenos aires

home growing
i paid my dues i had to pay my july rent by miss dentzminger, richmond

latest comments

no more heroes anymore??? by matthias breitenbach - Sunday Morning: Listening to Miles Davis

she seems great by matthias breitenbach - Listen to 1930's Songs in Shanghai

something about 6 by matthias breitenbach - SEX AND THE SITE

My drawing plus Tatiana´s big sexy kiss
As promissed. Complementary material to Sex and the Site.
###I CANT LOAD THE JPGS DONT KNOW WHY //ILL TRY LATER//ADVISE APRECIATED#### by santiago blaum, buenos aires

Watching A Mutationesque Play At The Firehouse

On the afternoon of July 12 I joined about a dozen people at the Firehouse to see a workshop performance of a short work creatred[...] by harry kollatz, richmond

buying costumes for the mutation-rehearsals
today we were searching for costumes for the mutation-rehearsals.
we met in very famous and cheap second-hand-shop, called humana.
it[...] by matthias breitenbach, berlin